Written Questions – The Sharing Economy

Written Questions are used by Members of Parliament to obtain detailed information about Government decisions and spending.

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In November 2017 I asked the following Written Question concerning the sharing economy.

Q-1349 — November 27, 2017  — With regard to the government expenditures on and policy towards sharing economy products, including Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb, since November 4, 2015, and broken down by department and agency: (a) what is each department and agency’s policy regarding employees using such products or services while on government business; (b) what are the total expenditures, broken down by month, on (i) Uber, (ii) Lyft, (iii) Airbnb, for government employees; (c) what are the total expenditures, including a monthly breakdown, for ministers, parliamentary secretaries and ministerial exempt staff on (i) Uber, (ii) Lyft, (iii) Airbnb; and (d) what is the total amount spent by government employees, broken down by month, on (i) taxis, (ii) hotels?

In their Response the Government indicated that their representatives rarely use these services despite the savings they could provide to Canadian tax-payers.